Now Open for Lunch, Tuesday - Sunday
Now Open for Lunch, Tuesday - Sunday

           Casual Dining Located in              Sweet Apple Village

The inspiration for the Etris Kitchen and Bar began many years ago for owner Massi Mekhmoukh. He has a long history beyond the restaurant and the kitchen to accompany the desire to pull land, sea and plate more closely together. The location on former farmland, the intimacy of Sweet Apple Village, not to mention the imported Italian wood-burning oven, called to him.

Owner, Massi, has always had a connection to the land. Food and wine has never just been that which is prepared in the kitchen or poured at the bar. Raised in the Mediterranean as a third generation farmer, Massi grew to appreciate the food itself - the basic ingredients as the basis of good meal. After school as a youth, he spent his time herding goats and helping in the fields. He learned to grow from his grandfather and raise animals from his father. He also learned to appreciating the fruits from the vine from his father who had vineyards and olive groves.

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